Student Resources

Free Student Resources

SweetSearch-A search engine for students. It searches only credible sites approved by Internet research experts.

SweetSearch4me-Same as Sweet Search, but it is geared to EC and LS students.

YoLink-Browser ad-on to your Internet seach engine. YoLink quickly scans search results and documents using key words and quotes.

Flash Cards Online-Create flashcards online and share with others. This is multimedia web-based application that can use audio and video too. There is a mobile application for this site. Download the app, and you can study on the go.

Quizlet-More than just flash cards, Quizlet is a web-based application that allows you to both create study materials and quiz yourself (or others) on the materials.

Audio Owl-Free audio books from the public domain. Download a free audio book in mp3, iPod or iTunes format.

Kerpoof-Create a drawings, animation and online storybooks. Lots of lesson plans for all grades, not just elementary.

Animoto-Automatically produces a great slide show from your photos, video clips and music. The free version gives you 30 second videos. Pricing available for additonal options.

PhotoStory 3-Make show and tell cool again. Download Photostory to put your pictures and music together to make a video.

Jcut-online free video editing.